Yesterday I met an uncle (my dads brother) for the first time in my entire life. And I wasn’t expecting this, but from hearing him talk to members of our family today and him telling stories, I understand more about myself now. I finally understand who I get my wanderlust from. I knew it had to come from somewhere. My mom and dad love the outdoors but are pretty simple about it. As in, they enjoy it but I don’t think either of them have ever hiked and usually just enjoy scenery by car. But my uncle is a hiker. He spends his life traveling to various past of the west and seeing just about every national park on that side of the united states - something I have been dying to do for the longest time. I love traveling by foot. It has never bothered me and I think there’s no better way to experience nature than walking and taking it all in. I am much more anchored to my family than my uncle is (obviously because he hasn’t shown his face or made his name known in our family other than stories of my dad and aunts), but he pretty much has been living his life a similar way I’d like to live mine. Just traveling to different places, meeting new people, living simply and quietly. I just find it really interesting the similarities between the two of us and there is still so much more I could get to know even though I feel somewhat shy around him. When he talks of national parks and living his simple life I just want to burst out and get all excited because it tickles me that this is my uncle who I knew nothing about, and suddenly we have all these interests. But instead I keep quiet, smile, and take it all in. He reminds me so much of my dad between his hands, his laugh, and the way he clears his throat before he speaks. I wish he would come around more, but I feel like this little visit will be the last for a while. Tomorrow he will stay with us while we bury my great aunt. It will be a tough day because it will be long and full of watching other people cry and mourn. Wakes and funerals are always an incredibly tough and awkward situation. But when it’s family, it’s more tolerable. 

I am about to somewhat change subjects and if you wish to keep reading, please be my guest

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Kony 2012

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Overly tired Easter selfie tbh
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"All I really want
is to roll over to you
and tell you my dreams."

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California Grape Strike, Mexican-American border, 1968
Paul Fusco