Yeah soooo I really like this guy :3 he’s so sweet to me. I realize now how much I actually like him. Today is the second time we’ve spent time together, but we’ve been talking since July. He paid for my lunch again, held all the doors for me, bought me starbucks, held my hand and the small of my back, etc. There are obviously many people in NYC but he didn’t let me stray far from him, he always had my hand. He’s just awesome. After lunch we went into Macy’s and people watched and looked at clothes and Christmas things. Whenever we took the elevator he stood behind me and kissed me. He had to go to work though, so we kissed goodbye and off we went. Meeerrrrrr I don’t know what to do! I wanna tell him I like him but I think I need to take it slower. I don’t even know if I’M ready to put a label on it. All I know is he is certainly a gentleman and I really enjoy his company. The next two weeks will be busy for both of us with Christmas and everything so I probably won’t see him until the rush calms down. But I’m looking forward to the next time. :))))))

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